The Rain on a Cold Night

I have been asked more than once what it is I believe in. On some days, I explain that I believe in the fundamental goodness of all people. Some days, it is the power that the love we show one another, from the stranger on the sidewalk to our own mothers and fathers, can have. Other days, though few and far between, it is one simple thing: myself.

However, on days like today, I like to believe I would respond with something along the lines of “the water drop on a cold, rainy night.”

The drop that starts off with the fundamental truth that it is water, and that it is important. What it becomes from there is up to the circumstances that shape it. As that water is falling to the earth, it has no idea whether it will become a solid or a liquid state. But still it falls. It falls because it knows, simply, that it will be. And it will be needed. Perhaps it knows it will not always be appreciated along the way. How many people truly love bitterly cold rain? How many people truly love taking the next step forward, not knowing whether that step will be where their ass meets the ground? No, the rain knows it won’t always be appreciated. Won’t always feel loved. Especially in the cold months, where people appreciate the rain significantly less than they do in the warmer months. Where no one is running outside without shoes on to jump in puddles. But still it falls. Still it relies on its fundamental truths: it is water, and it is important.

On days like today, I like to believe I am the raindrop. I am the water. Still I will move forward; still it will fall. I will operate under my fundamental truths: that I am human and that I matter and am important; it will operate with its fundamental truths: that it is water and is important. I will cling to those truths when I don’t know what I will become, or who I will be a year or twenty from now, as the water will cling to its as it is unsure of what state it will take. I will know that even without the validation of others, I am an important piece of this world, just as the water will know, even when it doesn’t believe the world appreciates and loves it.

On days like today, I like to believe I am a raindrop. Falling forward, comfortable with the possibilities of the future, steadfast in the importance of my own existence.

On average, you are composed of 50-65% water. On days you forget that you matter, try your best to remember that statistic.

Just like the water coursing through your body, you are a fundamental piece of the human existence. You are a raindrop, and this world desperately needs you in it.



(Necessary disclaimer: I do not own the featured image of this article)



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